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In 2009, the neglected idea came from the viewpoint of the artisans and specialists of the Dina group. This plan is in the scope of the essentials of the Hijab was unmatched and became an important agenda, and in the short term the initial design of the face accepted and entered the investment phase.

By solving the problems in the initial plan and spending the capital in the right direction and continuous technical reforms, Dina’s Pins in 2011 with acceptable production levels began to climb to the requirements of the Applicable Hijab.

In the year 2012, Dina Pin was an example of quality, the company experienced 20,000 loyal customers. This is the number of the final consumer, in an unbalanced market, firstly thanks to the subtleties of technicality in the field of material selection, the way production and precision control, as well as creating the right mechanism for diversification, and in the second place due to investment suitable and tolerant market problems, with management and planning.

In the summer of 2013, a new step was taken in the area of the product’s design, and Dina pendant clogs experienced the market with the initial design, and with a moderate feedback, the jeweled metallic pin appeared; the golden line of Dina’s products, Attention was paid. This process, with the use of a homogeneous method of welding metals, made the area of the pendants very diverse, and the glued steel pin resumed the labor market. Continuing this movement, with detailed technical examination, brought about another new product called Crystal Clip, which is still not significant.

But in 2014, it was different for our group. We found the missing loop of the collection. That is, the emergence of an independent sales structure with presence Powerful manager, the market brought Dina to a profound transformation. So, after three years, the pulse of the market has been given to us by various kinds of unhealthy competition. And the number of consumers crossed 200,000 people. The combination of this transformation with the inclusion of gold-plated 24-grade gold clips brightened the market as much as possible. And today, customer satisfaction with Dina’s products is a pleasure.

It is not bad to know that the start of the production of this pin, which is now a great deal for entering the market for its production and sale, first started with a small home-based business, and then it was produced and assembled in different places by dividing the work among the people, After a while and the initial stabilization of the market, we launched a small urban workshop, and we developed this situation in succession. Until now, in a well-equipped factory, along with great industrialists, we carry out more than 40 different production stages in a completely indigenous and independent manner.

Dear friends!

From the beginning, we put quality on the head of the task, even in the deep economic crisis, for our products, the finest of alloys of stainless steel, Brass, international grade plating materials, such as nickel, gold solutions 24, ruthenium, Austrian stones, crystals High density, Italian enamel, American Lampert welding electrode and a total of the best. And for the smallest productive activity, we used full-fledged scientific and technical methods and by reviewing the relative advantages, we traveled routes that others often avoided entering, We also transferred a lot of off-site outsourcing operations to enhance quality, completely monopoly and with considerable cost to the factory, and these are all in one direction:


To make the best.

And we continue this path thanks to God!